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Hi I’m Paul and I have created this site as a support and information resource for users of BIRT reporting tools. I set up this site to help complete beginners take their first steps on their BIRT journey and for more advanced users to share information and help others make the most of this fabulous reporting toolset.

Check out my two books on open source BIRT and my specialised BIRT for Maximo course to get a head start on learning BIRT.


Insert, Edit, Update, Delete and list database records with BIRT

With a little creativity it is possible to use BIRT as a web based, database management tool, which allows the user to not only list records from a database but also allows records to be inserted, deleted and updated! Read More >>

How to Install BIRT

In under 30 minutes…

In this 30 minute BIRT installation tutorial video I take you through a complete installation of open source BIRT in real time on Windows.

The walk-through video covers:

Installation of Java runtime

Installation of Eclipse open source IDE

Creation of desktop shortcut to launch Eclipse with correct Java runtime

Starting Eclipse and setting the workspace

Adding the BIRT perspective to Eclipse IDE

Insallation of the JTDS Driver for MS SQL Server

Loading the JTDS driver into BIRT

Overcoming problems connecting to SQL Server

Starting a project to report against SQL server

Starting a report within the project

Setting up a data source and Data set

Designing a simple test report to ensure your installation is working

Installing Apache Tomcat

Installing BIRT runtime into Tomcat

Installing the JTDS driver into Tomcat

Installing Commons Logging component into Tomcat

Installing a test report into the Tomcat server

Running your test report in a web browser

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    Hi Paul just received Birt for Beginners but can’t see how to find Birt for Beginners on the website
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