Use Barcodes in Maximo to Deliver Significant Cost Reduction

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Cover imageWhilst stock reduction, efficient asset location and accurate parts identification are all essential to saving cost in the business they are impossible to achieve without a way to track everything quickly and easily. For large asset operators, there are a specific set of challenges to handling distributed high volumes of parts and assets in the most efficient Just In Time manner possible, without compromising on quality or safety.

How can operators find a simple solution to unify their assets, parts and stock into one highly efficient and managed solution, across the board?

In economically difficult times, efficiency is the key to continued, successful and above all profitable operations. If you have a major investment in a Maximo system, then now is the time to increase ROI dramatically by implementing low cost and simple Bar Codes and QR codes in multiple areas of the business.

In this expert eGuide learn more about how different organisations around the world are using Bar Codes and QR Codes within Maximo to drive higher efficiencies and increased profitability.

  • Warehouse Operations
  • IT Systems Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Document Management
  • Luggage Transport System Maintenance
  • Medical Facility Maintenance

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