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BIRT for Beginners

BeginnersBIRT promises to deliver the utopian vision of an enterprise capable,open source, easy to use, interactive, graphically rich, web based reporting tool. This book presents an overview and tutorials on all the open source tools as well as the commercial enhancements available from Actuate including Eclipse BIRT Designer, Actuate BIRT Designer, iServer Express, Interactive BIRT viewer, Actuate BIRT Studio, BIRT Spreadsheet Designer. With walkthrough tutorials of the main features, including screenshots you will learn how to Install BIRT from scratch, Perform complex data selections, Filter and group data, Create computed columns, Add runtime parameters, Format your reports for maximum impact, Create fully graphical Flash charts, Publish your reports on the web, Design reports in a web browser and much more. If you are too busy to spend days learning software and want tangible results fast then BIRT For Beginners is for you.

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BIRT By Example


Packed with real life examples, taken from a life on the road, Paul brings his latest fun and inspirational guide to learning BIRT to fruition. Not only can this book teach you BIRT quickly and easily, with lots of practical, step by step examples, but it is also a darn good read, says Paul’s mum. Admittedly she doesn’t know much about software so you may just have to delve into these pages yourself to learn: Report Templates, Libraries and Master Pages. Switching between databases dynamically. BIRT with Oracle. Applying style sheets to BIRT reports. How to debug your BIRT JavaScript. How to hide empty fields. Using a stored procedure as a data set. How to edit, insert and delete records from a database with BIRT. Using web services as a data source. A Twitter feed built in BIRT. Building reports into Java Server Pages. Installing BIRT on Ubuntu and more. Also get to find out where the worlds best B&B is and how far you need to travel to see the sand dunes in the cover photos!

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BIRT For Maximo Self Study Workbook

BIRTforMaximoImageThis comprehensive self paced training course on using BIRT to create and modify reports for Maximo will teach you all you need to know to get immediate results from the new report writer for Maximo version 7, in just a couple of days.

Then it will provide a handy reference for you to use whilst working with BIRT on your Maximo reporting projects.

Rather than outsourcing your reporting requirements to expensive consultants or undertaking lengthy and costly training courses, working through this workbook is quick and easy with step by step instructions and screenshots to guide you every step of the way.

The main topics covered are:

Installing BIRT for Maximo

Formatting Reports

Sorting, grouping and aggregating data

Creating reports that use parameters

Writing expressions and calculated fields

Building reports that contain sub-reports

Joining different data sets

Creating charts

Creating hyperlinks and drill down functionality

Importing reports to Maximo

Creating and modifying Query Based Reports

Plus much more.

Written by Paul Bappoo, founder of, the BIRT User Group UK and author of the successful BIRT introductory book BIRT for Beginners this training course comes with the pedigree you can trust.

Printed in full A4 size, packed with examples, large, easy to read screen shots, step by step instructions and guided exercises, this workbook can be used again and again, as a self study guide or as course notes to use when you run your own training courses in house or for clients plus you always have the full backup and support from the dedicated BIRT forum and the new guides and tutorials that are always being released at

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Other Books by Paul Bappoo

SAP Business Objects Dashboards


Learn SAP Business Objects Dashboards the quick and easy way! This book shows you how to use Business Objects Dashboards and Flynet DataConnect to create graphically rich, interactive Business Intelligence Dashboards over any ODBC compliant database (not only SAP), with no programming needed. This beginners guide gives you details of using DataConnect in association with Dashboards, using lots of easy to follow examples and big, friendly screenshots, which will have you up and running, producing cool looking dashboards, over your existing systems, in a single day! No need for expensive courses or books that are large enough to use as a coffee table and take years to wade through. Paul’s informal, amusing and example rich style of teaching is ideal for people who want quick results. All the examples used in the book are available for download from the companion web site and cover the use of data connectivity, all the common graphs, charts and controls plus publication of your dashboards on a web server.

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How NOT to be an Internet Millionaire


Warning! You might make enough to buy a couple of beers! Becoming an Internet Millionaire takes a lot of hard work and a great deal of luck, however if you focus all your energy on the more attainable goal of making a good living online then you are much more likely to be successful. You can use the step by step guide in this book to create an online business that: Requires no more investment that a few beers, needs only a computer and an internet connection, can be started in the time it takes to read this book, can be run in your spare time a few hours a week, can be operated from your living room, generates reliable, residual, passive income, Is so simple your granny could do it! Plus, if you already run a small business or work for a large company then you can use the secrets revealed in this book to help build a loyal, responsive and targeted customer base who are eager to see your regular marketing messages! So either start your own business or become a hero in the workplace, the choice is yours.

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