BIRT Services

Services available from our partners:

  • Legacy Report Conversion
  • New Presentation Document Reporting
  • New Number Crunching Analytical Reporting
  • Database Optimisation for Faster Data Extraction
  • System Integration
  • Cross Application and Cross Platform Reporting
  • Addition of fully automated Bar Codes to existing reports
  • Automated population of Spreadsheets incorporating formatting, analytics and formulas
  • Automatic emailing of customer or supplier statements

BIRT is one of the most flexible and capable reporting systems in the world and certainly one of the least expensive to deploy, since it is open source and does not have a licence fee attached! As your partner in giving you the best return for no investment, we can provide services to create and modify reports where and when you need them. Our experienced and professional consultants are available to discuss your requirements, whatever they may be and we may even have some ideas of our own to bring to the party!

Email and let us know what you need.

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