BIRT Tools


The BIRT Barcode module enables very easy integration of all types of barcodes into BIRT reports and documents. Click the link to learn a lot more.


What do you miss in the Excel output of Eclipse BIRT?

  • Filters and Formulars
  • Drill Down Analytics
  • Pagelayout with header/footer
  • XLS & XLSX support

Plus a whole lot more. Click the link to see what our Excel emitter can deliver.


Creating documents for presentation, from a BIRT report, would usually involve output to PDF. When creating a report, it is necessary to adjust the field and contents formatting with the built in formatting controls, however to do this across a range of reports, consistently, can be time consuming and easy to make mistakes. The BIRT Formatting module allows simple and consistent formatting of all reports based on CSS Style Sheets. Click the link for full information.

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