How would you like to perform all the analytical tasks you are familiar with, directly out of BIRT reports, without additional preparation in Excel?

Statistics Controlling
Analysis of past time series and trends Trends calculation and evaluation
Regression analyses Cost calulation
Correlation analyses Amortization and cash-flow
Statistical tests Credit- and investment calculations

We provide appropriate functions which deliver many more Excel features than normal eclipse BIRT does:

Definition of formulas
Definition of names (named cells, areas)
Definition of groups and filters
Summation at beginning or end
Definition of page layout
Definition of print areas, repetition of colum headers
Output into predefined MS Excel templates
Output into multiple MS Excel sheets
Formatting of cells, content, rows and columns
Usage of styles
Definition of conditional formating
Alignment and wrapping of content in cells, text rotation
Hide / Show rows or columns
Freeze of views
Integration of images

Macros are also largely supported.

For information about the Excel module please email Paul@BIRTReporting.com

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  1. WFCaver says:

    How would I download the BIRT REPORT REQUEST FORM? Please advise.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the question. The request from is in the readers area which you will find on the main menu of the site. If you have a copy of one of my books you will find the password inside. If you have any difficulty please drop me an email.

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