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    Hi all.

    New to the world of BIRT and loving it. I however have an interesting query:

    I am testing POC and in our production environment we have 5 databases that comprise the system. Basically we would carry master data (effective for parameters) in the one database and detailed transactions in the other database and then of course various other information not yet related to my question (but may become relevant as I learn!)

    So far, so good, connecting two data sources – not a problem.
    Writing queries specific to one or multiple datasets related to a singular data source – also not a problem!

    Where it becomes interesting and what I am struggling with, is connecting the two data sources into one dataset(joined) and using this in a select query to build a custom set of data, related to two separate database tables in two separate databases. Been trying in sequel aswell using outer and left-join, however because the query is already pointing to a specific data source, it does not recognize the other. (Tried, datasource.dbo.dataset.fieldname to no avail)

    I was thinking of doing a joined dataset based exclusively on the index field in either table (let’s say sequenceID) and then writing my report around this. Any suggestions?



    Sorted, thanks.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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