I was skeptical at first

When a friend told me that it was possible to drastically increase¬† my chances at being successful with girls and to be able to approach any girl, anywhere, without getting laughed at, or freezing with fear of rejection, I was incredibly skeptical. Actually I laughed and told him that I thought he was crazy to believe this nonsense. But… he was a good, long time, respected friend and he insisted I at least read the first chapter of a book to see what I thought.

I did and my life has not been the same since!

This is not just some sales pitch for a fad scam series of info products that will cost you a lot of money and get you absolutely nowhere. I want to make that clear, because I am genuinely grateful and respectful for the time that all my readers spend on my web site. I realise that it is your valuable time that you are spending here, so I would not want to repay your loyalty with something that I believe would not be good for you.

I started off by reading a book called The Game, by Neil Strauss, which was basically an expose into the world of so called “pick up artists”, it spoke of how a certain group of men had been working on developing a psychological approach to meeting women and being able to create attraction in those women quickly and easily. I went on to read many other books and even found that there was an entire TV show dedicated to the practice.

Of course I was from a background that firmly believed that a girl was either interested in you or not and that there was nothing you could do to influence that. I believed that you had to be super tall, good looking, successful or rich to be able to attract the best looking girls or one of those guys who is super smooth and charismatic. Well, as it turns out, you don’t have to be any of the former, but you do have to be super charismatic, but the good news is that charisma (the type of charisma that girls are looking for) can be learned and learned very, very easily!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe in “tricking” people into dating you, I don’t believe in any form of lying or dishonesty and I don’t believe in cheating on your boyfriend or girlfriend, so whilst the early publications in this field focus on the term “pick up artists”, I find this rather derogatory. We have to take a balanced view and simply think of the building library of information out there on this subject as education for both men and women in how to meet and have better, more functional and more enjoyable relationships. Seen in that context, this information, however misguidedly entitled initially, can be used to improve the lives of many lonely single people who find it difficult in today’s society to meet¬† people for romantic purposes.

Because I believe firmly that a great part of life’s happiness stems from having solid functional relationships, I am in the process of creating a web site and a book that focus on this subject and these will be available in the next few months, so if you would like to get an invitation to try the beta version when it is available and receive updates as they become available, please sign up here.


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