Interactive Reports and Dashboards

Fully Interactive Reports and Dashboards


Would you like to create BIRT reports with features usually reserved for expensive commercial reporting tools?

Sliders, date pickers, accordions and many other controls can be used to dynamically refresh listings, charts and other graphical components, using purely open source BIRT and JavaScript.

This multi-media training shows you in under 30 minutes how to create this example using nothing more that open source BIRT and JavaScript. Delivered on PowerPoint player format, including full video demonstrations and audio narration, plus step by step instructions that are easy to follow, along with ready to go sample files, you will be producing exciting, interactive dashboards in no time.

Pre-requisites: This training is aimed at people who are familiar with creating simple BIRT reports. Also, you will need the BIRT designer and BIRT viewer (on an application server) installed, in order to follow this training.

Technologies used:

BIRT v4.2.0 (although any version of BIRT can do this)





jQuery UI

Don’t worry if you are unfamiliar with these technologies, if you can create a BIRT report our step by step guide will show you the rest. Comes supplied with all demo report and HTML/JavaScript files.

Support – if you get problems you can email me for personal support on

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