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Maximo World

An information portal about the Maximo CMMS (computerised maintenance management system) from IBM. Maximo version 7.x uses BIRT as it’s default report writer and as an extension to our work in the field of BIRT we also publish many free tutorials about the Maximo core product. There is also a forum over there if you need help from other community members.

How NOT to be an Internet Millionaire

As a departure from writing purely about software, I recently published a book about how to make money online, in a simple and reliable manner. If you aim to make a million online, then you will probably fail, become despondent when things don’t work out and set yourself an impossible task. If you set out to make a reasonable living, then there is a much better chance that you will be successful and that will encourage you to replicate your efforts and become even more successful. Focusing on how to create a web site using WordPress and associated tools, along with the techniques for marketing the site and creating products to sell in the site, the book and supporting web site can help you find the independence you have always craved.


This is my personal site, where I publish photos I have taken, details of books I have written and random writings that manage to make it out of my head and into my laptop. I like to make friends with my readers, mainly so that I have someone to show me around, whichever country I happen to find myself in next, so don’t be shy, pop on over there and say “Hi”.

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