Stand Alone BIRT

BIRT can be used as an effective reporting and business intelligence solution to deliver web based, graphical, fast and actionable information, right across your organisation, online, on demand and with Zero licence fee!

With it’s cross platform capabilities BIRT can be used to deliver real time information across multiple disparate systems, even across different types of database, across wide geographical areas. It provides an ultimately flexible solution to enterprise information delivery requirements.

Live reconciliation of integrated systems.

It is popular for medium sized organisations to use best of breed systems for their production, purchasing, maintenance, HR, CRM and financial functions, because and integrated best of breed suite of applications often provides stronger functionality for a considerably lower investment, than an full blown ERP system. However, there are challenges in integrating a range of disparate systems, but an effective solution is to provide real time monitoring of the entire integrated application estate with BIRT.

Instant Month End

Many organisations spend a lot of time and effort at the end of every month producing financial period end reports such as balance sheets and profit and loss statements. These often have to be bound with supporting documentation into presentation quality documents for board members and investors. If the systems are reconciled daily and automatically and if the data is entered on time across the organisation and errors eliminated as they occur, then BIRT’s speed and presentation capabilities are more than capable of pulling together all the required data, from all the supporting systems, for instant production of presentation documents!

Stunning Speed, Consistent Analytics

BIRT can operate over your databases in real time and if that is not fast enough then the data can be moved into “in memory” databases, combine this with the correct indexing and huge volumes of data can be processed and presented in easy to understand reports, graphs and charts, with full drill down and across capabilities, in a consistent and easy to understand format that is “always on” and available to your end users desktops 24/7.

Achieving advanced capabilities such as these, along with the basics of course, are what we can teach you. We have been developing and deploying BIRT for years and have written several books on the topic, so for your BIRT training, speak to the experts. Courses can be delivered in house or externally, on your systems or not, anywhere on the planet.

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