The complete getting started guide to BIRT Reporting 1


After seeing a demonstration of the Actuate implementation of BIRT at a recent IBM Maximo user group meeting I thought I would take a look at the free open source version of the software to see how easy it was to actually install and use. If you’ve not read my overview yet then please feel free to download it from:

One of the things I found when I embarked on this project was that there were quite a few components that needed to be downloaded, installed and configured. Not only this but since these components are all open source, there are uncompiled versions available as well as different compiled versions. Because I am simply interested in begin able to create reports I decided to go for pre-compiled versions but even then I had to spend a bit of time actually finding versions of all the various components that would comfortably work together and allow me to access my own databases.

Having been through the learning curve myself I decided to put this guide together and distribute it freely online to anyone who wants to shortcut the getting started process and get straight into writing their own BIRT reports.

This copy of my installation guide is for you and should not be redistributed without my prior written consent. However you are free to send out or post links to the download location which is

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